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Where did Pilates originate?

The story of Pilates started in Germany in 1880, when Joseph H. Pilates was born. During the times of World War I, Pilates helped rehabilitate the disabled through resistance training. He crafted both machines and an exercise routine for his patients by using springs from hospital beds for resistance. Thus, Pilates was created. Soon, athletes took notice. Among the first to recognize Pilatesí potential were dancers Ted Shawn, Martha Graham, Jerome Robbins, and Alvin Ailey. Now the fitness world has welcomed the clear advantages of Pilatesís brilliant routine.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise sequence that focuses on strengthening, stretching, toning, and aligning the body. Using a Pilates Reformer, a spring-based resistance machine, workout focus on building core strength without building bulk. Meanwhile, the exercises help remove any extra tension on the joints and avoid strain. The goal of Pilates is not the amount of exercises accomplished. Instead, Pilates is aimed at creating a mind-body connection and promoting quality over quantity.


Work with one of Taj\\\'s hand-selected trainers through isometric exercises developed to simultaneously stretch, strengthen, tone and align the body while eliminating excess tension and strain on the joints. Our trainers will guide you through Pilates paces to develop body uniformity, improve posture, lengthen and stretch musculature, restore and increase physical vitality, stimulate the mind and elevate the spirit.


Reformer classes are designed to offer clients in a group setting. The classes are based on the Pilates exercises and will strengthen and lengthen your entire body. Classes are 55minutes long and are conducted on the reformer. Classes are limited in size, maximum of six† to seven clients.

POWER BARRE PILATES-50 minutes with Andrea

Develope the legs of a dancer and the strength of an athlete with the added benefit of a "Barre" and Mat Pilates! Complement, intensify and balance your aerobic conditioning with a full body workout focusing on thhe core.Goals are to strengthen the†core, reduce lower back pain, improve posture & balance and increase flexibility in a classically inspired Pilates format. If you want a long, lean, strong & defined body then Power Barre Pilates is your perfect workout. You will feel energized both body & soul!


Pilatesare designed to:

Strengthen the back and abdomen†~ Improve posture and balance ~ Improve coordination ~ †Increase flexibility ~ Tone muscles ~ Elevate and energize the spirit


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